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Our Businesses

Our core business can be divided into eight main categories:

GTC is well recognized as company combines expertise with professional skills to be mainly involved in water facilities and environment management.  We are the single-source products and services provider.


We integrate technical expertise with extensive engineering experience to deliver the optimum product and quality services at affordable cost by using our innovative and efficient methods for sustainable solutions with performance you can trust.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance service is essential to maintain the efficiency, effectiveness and longevity of system and equipment, and preventing downtime.


We are engaged in the full range of maintenance services in all areas of water facilities and environment management such as consultancy, inspection, improvement, modification, repairing, calibration and many more by professional team. Our team is among the best in the industry and has the experience and expertise to keep your equipment and system in good form and keep your facility operating safely and efficiently at all times.


System installation and testing are taken on safety basis.  Operation manual and related handout are made for training to customer to ensure that all operations are proper use. 

We customize services to meet your requirements and achieve the quality level needed. We commit to providing all superior services for the smooth and successful operation of business.


Operation contract

We manage the operation and maintenance on contract of water and wastewater utilities and another facility systems as required for customers through comprehensive and reliable services on a schedule. It enhances operational reliability through our preventive maintenance programs and ensure our customer’s systems running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.


Our well-trained team and responsible service personnel to carry out prompt and efficient proactive maintenance. We operate regular onsite plant visit, inspection, monitoring, along with technical assistance as well as troubleshooting for your equipment and systems to meet customer specific requirement. We maintain the system on a long term basis, minimize unplanned downtime, prevent the major equipment failure untimely, make plant operations safer, and reach environmental goals


Membrane Cleaning

We specialize in membrane cleaning service both off-site and on-site. 

Off-site membrane cleaning by Shuttle Plant that has permit from Industrial Estate called factory type number 106.  We put our efforts to select high quality cleaning solution for your membranes.  All membranes are carefully inspected at the pre and post-cleaning. Proper cleaning and preservation will extend the life and improve the performance of the membrane elements.


On-site membrane cleaning or clean in place, we aim to restore your membrane as close to original performance specification.  Our team controls the process of the removal of old membrane and reloading the like new membranes after cleaning for operations.

Membrane Cleaning_Re.jpg

Resin Regeneration

Shuttle Plant also provides the off-site resin regeneration from DI water system to reduce the operating process at customer site.

We are able to regenerate your spent ion exchange resin and return it with optimal performance and enhance service life to you for reuse. We have acquired strong skill to operate under high quality regeneration standards to help bring your resin back to near new performance.

GTC can be relied upon to perform the regeneration you need in a timely, cost-efficient and professional manner.

Resin Regeneration_Re.jpg

Quality Analysis Service

We have services based on a wide range of environmental parameters for the analysis of water, wastewater, and sludge by certified laboratory.

Our services are available along with full documentation and traceability.  The reports are a valuable tool to demonstrate that you are operating in an environmentally responsible manner and meeting all relevant regulatory environmental compliance for your industry.


Soil and Groundwater Analysis

Our service is survey and consultancy of soil and groundwater contamination.  We also provide recommendation, assessment the direction of groundwater flow, installation monitoring wells, collecting soil and groundwater samples, analysis the samples in the laboratory, reporting, and setting the remediation plan. 


We also coordinate among customer and government officer and help you to comply with the law of soil and groundwater.


Chemicals for Water and Wastewater Plant

We focus in offering the high-quality chemicals in general chemicals mainly used in water and wastewater treatment and a particular specialty chemicals for the complex water plant.


Chemicals are supplied to a wide variety of industrial process applications and served need for customer requirement such as remove solids, emulsions oils through to colours and heavy metals, reduce BOD and COD, foam control, odour reduction, antiscalants, sludge dewatering and others.


Other Products Provision

Our product encompasses a broad range of the single-unit items up to the synthetic system that meet all aspects of your requirement. To better serve customers, apart from water treatment equipment, we are able to continue sourcing and delivering another products to respond your need. 

Our products are :

Unit :

Vessel and Tank :

Made by steel, SUS, fiber glass
Sludge Treatment 

Filter Press, Belt Press
Machinery :

Pump, Blower, Motor, Conveyor

Electrical and Electronics :

Control Panel

Instrument and Tools :

Measurement Instrument and Testing Tools

Pneumatic Equipment :

Air Compressor

Piping and Fitting 

Pipe, Coupling, Valve, Gasket, Seal
Media :

Activated Carbon, Resin, Gravel and Sand

Filter and Membrane

Others Spare Parts

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