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Goshu Technoservice Co., Ltd. is trusted to be the products and maintenance services provider to customer across a wide industries including automobile, appliances, chemicals, electric and electronics, and many more.  With a portfolio of products and services, we can response to meet the customer requirements and regulatory limits. 


We are engaged in the full range of maintenance services in all areas of water facilities and environment management.  We have the ability to work closely with our customers to provide all superior services, maintenance; and solution to those problems and implement it for the smooth and successful operation of business. 

  • Membrane Cleaning

  • Resin Regeneration

  • Modification and Repairing

  • Plant Operation Check

  • Equipment Check

  • Calibration

  • Media Change

  • Technical Service

We are also pleased to offer another kinds of service that are custom tailored to meet your requirements and reduce your costs

Analysis Work

We have services by certified laboratory.

Our services are:

  • Water Sampling and Analysis

  • Wastewater Sampling and Analysis

  • Soil Sampling and Analysis

  • Groundwater Sampling and Analysis

  • Sludge Sampling Analysis

Besides, the accredited testing laboratory is able to test another analysis services to customers.


We supply to a wide variety of accessories and parts, not only for water system but also for another systems as customer’s requirement.  Our major products are:

  • Unit

  • Vessel and Tank

  • Sludge Treatment

  • Machinery

  • Electrical and Electronics

  • Instrument and Tools

  • Pneumatic Equipment

  • Valve, Piping and Fitting

  • Media

  • Filter and Membrane

  • Chemical

  • UV

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